Hello hallu heyyy ! Welcome to Doodle Junk ! I am just so excited that I am once again trying to do a CPR to Doodle Junk. So, SELAMAT DATANG to the Doodle Junk's : Shoes Page.

Doodle Junk started with a pair of shoes, four bottles of paint, a paintbrush and an idea. It wasn't easy at the time. I wasn't so much into paint-art. I think it's messy. It's my first time painting on something that's not papers or canvas - but the beauty of it is, it came up pretty good. Not bad for a noob-shoe-painter. Began with a pair, it went to a couple more and more and more.

All of the shoes are painted with acrylic paint - a fast-drying paint that can be diluted in water, but become water-resistant when dried. I did tried to test the resistance of the paint with water so I put a pair of painted shoes into a washing machine. Clicked it on full load for full water filled, spun for 45 minutes and voila! There are some slight changes of colors but being washed in a washing machine for 45 minutes and still turns out great, I truly believes in technology now.

Browse over our arts and design and feel free to drop us an email for comments or questions. Some links you might find it link-less - well I'm still half-way of finishing the whole blog. Hopefully by end of this month, I'll get all the pages online. It'd be really nice if you could give me feedbacks regarding to my blog designs, art, shoes, cakes, whatever... Thanks guys ! :)